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 HOLD THE DATE : OCT 28th for our LCMG Benefit Event Be on the lookout for your invitation to arrive by mail for our first-ever Members Benefit event at Huntsville Botanical Garden on October 28th. The Members Benefit will include a catered lunch, live music, a looping historical video showcasing the history of the Limestone County Master Gardeners and guest passes to walk the Garden, all going on during the "Scare- crow Trail and Festifall at the Garden!" This event will be free for all active members with dues paid for 2023, plus 1 free guest. If you happen to be a member who has forgotten to pay dues in 2023 for $25 you may attend the event and we'll apply $20 of that towards your dues for 2024! That's right dues are only $20/year, and you'll be paid up!

* * * HOLD THE DATE - OCT 21st FALL Plant Sale !!!

Volunteers raising Food for Local Charities

Mr. Henry’s Charity Garden is located at 2431 Hines Street South in Athens.

The garden raises a number of different vegetables – tomatoes, squash, peppers, okra, greenbeans, peas, turnip greens, onions, and collards!  The produce harvested is donated to several food distribution centers in Limestone County.  These centers include Limestone County Churches Involved and Women Empowering Women as well as others.

Teresa Brown and several of the most awesome LCMG Volunteers help with the planting, weeding, harvesting and donation of the produce.

We would love to show you the garden and we welcome anyone who has time to come help!  If you have a day and would like to garden with one of us, contact Teresa at tlt_brown@charter.net

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